About Us

Welcome to DG World

DG World, formerly known as Diversity Global. Its aim is to provide high quality services to students in order to improve their chances of enrollment onto a wide range of courses at various institutions around the globe. Established in 2008, Diversity Global became one of the most successful student recruitment agencies in the UK. It merged with DG World in 2016.

DG World is committed to providing positive, challenging, and academic learning opportunities with autonomy given to students and parents. DG World operates through its global network of agencies and 30 branch offices in different countries under the direct supervision of the UK Head Quarters. We represent over 500 leading education institutions throughout Europe, the USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Who we are?

The vast majority of our education consultants have received their qualifications in the UK. Each member of our executive team has had professional experience in his or her respective field. We have an array of consultants with Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees, as well as other qualifications such as LPC, BPTC, MPhil, DBA and PhD.

Our staff members outside of the UK offices are well trained and highly experienced in dealing with the problems faced by international students. A majority of them have visited our UK field offices and the institutions that we represent.

Each member of staff undertakes self-assessment/evaluation sessions, attending regular workshops on improved training methods and policy changes. These sessions enable our staff members to consistently revise their approach and thus improve their interaction with students, ensuring that every student receives the best advice possible.



Why choose us?

At DG World, we believe that each individual is driven by a unique desire to study abroad, inspired by his or her own social and academic upbringing. Our role is to assist them in their selection of courses, ensuring that they are enrolled in the appropriate institution based on their personal interests and academic record. Our skilled advice will help pave the students’ path to success, smoothing out any bumps along the way. We are here to assist them in realizing their goals and objectives. We value business ethics, integrity, and pride ourselves in our professional standards to the highest possible degree. Our experienced team can be relied upon in any circumstance - quality service is what we strive for at DG World.


Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:

We, as DG, aim to be a global leader in Overseas Education Consultancy by nurturing and guiding the young minds of today. We envisage a continuation of success stories where transparency and ethics coexist to guide our students to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Our Mission:

Our mission at DG is to ensure that students with the utmost potential are given every opportunity to carve out their path towards success. We will accomplish this by maintaining our student-centric philosophy, tailoring our services to each individual student.

Our Values:

  • We are built upon honesty, integrity, commitment, and quality of delivery
  • We are straightforward and efficient in the manner in which we deal with our clients, candidates, and employees always maintaining a high level of courtesy and respect.
  • Personalised and customised services.
  • Availability and flexibility for important/urgent appointments.
  • Professional assistance and advice from experienced consultants and lawyers from the UK
  • Ethical and competent service

Our Principles:

  • Honesty
  • Proficiency
  • Dependability
  • Quality
  • Passion and thoroughness in every aspect of our work

Our History

šWe began our Journey in in late 2008 from a small office in Bangladesh, and prior to registering as a Company in the UK, we worked as a Liaison office/branch Office in the UK from 2009. After running successfully for 6 Years in Asia (Bangladesh), we registered the Company in UAE in December 2014 as DG (Diversity Global) Group Ltd operating there with great success for nearly 2 years.

We registered the Company in Corporation of England and Wales in 2016 as DG World with a renewed vision. Diversity Global (DG) and London Academy of Contemporary Studies (LACS) merged with the new company the DG World

Recently, we have extended our services and offices worldwide with a more efficient new Executive team.