Study in the USA

Why Choose USA?

The USA has the highest number of world ranked universities and is the most popular study destination for students all over the world. You will be spoilt for choice in the states as they have the largest selection of higher education establishment in the world and no doubt they will probably have the programme you want to study.

Private Versus Public (state-funded)

Public universities are state-founded institutions and are usually large in size.

Private universities are supported by tuition fees and private fees and private donations. They often have a smaller student body and close-knit campus community. Private universities are more expensive to attend nut more funding is set aside for international students, especially need-based scholarships.

A typical Bachelor’s degree takes 4 years, rather than 3 years elsewhere. However, you might be able to shorten that degree with good A-level result. In your first two years you will explore different areas before deciding what to specialise in during your last two years. This is known as a Liberal Arts Education and can be found at most universities in the US.

Why study in USA?

  • Internationally recognised
  • Thousands of educational establishments to choose from
  • Board and flexible choice of US course, easy to transfer and change schools
  • Learn more than just academic theory-develop independence and confidence
  • Live and study in exciting cities and explore natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon

How much will it cost?

  • Estimated living expense per year-US $10,000 - $16,000
  • Average annual tuition fee at a public 4-year average US $20,770
  • Average annual tuition fee at a public 4-year average US $28,500
  • Average annual tuition fee at a public 2-year average US $8,000
  • 2-4 years for undergraduate courses
  • 1 years for postgraduate courses

It must be remembered, though, once the myths surrounding its popular culture have been set aside, that the States is also home to some of the most respected and highest performing universities in the world. There are many benefits to studying in the US, but don't just take our word for it! Each summer we survey UK students before they go over and they give us great feedback on their chosen courses!

Choose from the wide range of universities on offer

There are over 4,500 US universities offering degree courses in the US. With such a wide range of universities and degrees on offer, there is bound to be one that is a great fit for you. DG World works with several well-known universities and colleges in the US and can help you find the right one in no time!

Experience American college life

US universities and colleges are known for their vibrant campus life. Cheer your university's football (American football, that is) team to victory or play intramural sports yourself, choose from the dozens of university clubs, become a leader in student government, or even write for the university newspaper. Act or sing in the campus arts programme or volunteer in the community. There are so many ways to get involved in American college life.

Have the flexibility to explore your academic interests before choosing your major

Undergraduate degrees in the US are quite flexible. You can apply to US universities as "undecided" about your major (field of study). Under the "liberal arts philosophy", you will take classes from a variety of subjects during the first 1 - 2 years before specialising in your major field. Students who already know what they want to study can complete a "double major" - degrees in two academic fields often completed within the normal four years of study. Students may also earn a minor qualification for completing 3-5 classes in one field.

Living in the US

The diversity of the US –from the museums and galleries of New York to the tranquillity of the south to the beaches of California– is another pull for those looking to study there.

When sun and surf is within a couple of hours reach of snow-capped mountains, it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself bored during your time off. Having a whole continent to explore will see to that.

Another pull for students is the business opportunity that is offered by studying in the US. On the east coast, New York has over 75,000 businesses and is one of the most booming financial and entrepreneurial centres in the world.

On the west coast, the opportunities provided in California are almost difficult to fathom – it has been calculated that if the state was a country in its own right it would be one the biggest economies in the world.

Clearly, opportunity is everywhere. If you are looking for a truly international and world class learning experience, The USA is likely to be your dream ticket