Our education wing aims to provide academic services to expand your institutions abroad, and help you deliver teaching in multiple sites, as well as become an associate college with a reputable university abroad. These varieties of options will help you expand your international student capacity. In combination to the above, our wide range of highly qualified academics within our team will help you connect with their extensive networks around the globe; these connections have been an imperative part of our own fast growth as well as our partners.

What We Do


Course Content Creation

We focus on producing and delivering eminent online content that aims to only attract outstanding students, desirable for your institute. We believe a well devised plan to formulate the right kind of strategy will allow us to build a stronger foundation for a successful academic programme. Our constant analysis of the education market has helped us design a comprehensive model which will take into account the objectives of your online product with regards to both the outcome of the programme as well as your general organisational goals. By working with us you will see what it takes for us to distinctively manage to differentiate from the rest in today’s highly competitive online education platform.

Programme Design

We focus on analysing your programme terms and conditions before proceeding to physically design the online learning programme. Our aim is to first identify the target audience through extensive market research, then further analyse the academic objectives, its qualification level and the relevant components needed to guarantee the success of your institution. We will produce a comprehensive product outline, specifying the vital programme learning outcomes in order to put into place, a smoother transition to acquiring knowledge and skills online, in a more effective and efficient manner.
Our expert content production team will ensure the successful implementation of your online syllabus, and aim to deliver your chosen programme through several interactive online avenues. This will not only satisfy your service users but will bring considerable success to your company during this fast growing digital age.

Being fully equipped with the latest technology and accessible video production facilities; we assure you that we will take the lead on every area during the digitization process, in order to evolve your ideas into a fully efficient online academic programme.

Programme Accreditation

At DG World we can provide assistance to help attain full accreditation for your online programmes. This will ensure that the product your company offers can be highly valued and accessed internationally, while making it more convenient and cost effective for your potential service users. As a result, your company will witness a rapid growth on a global scale.


With our highly dedicated support team we bear a considerable amount of experience in the area of international student recruitment. We have been providing the best cost efficient service to all our partners with effective enrolment solutions, which will help us both tackle the existing recruitment market in a more constructive manner. We will also provide the necessary administrative support as well as giving you access to the latest technology in order for you to fully benefit on a global scale. 

Market Research

Our dedicated team of marketing experts work closely to observe the budding market for potential students, while looking out for new opportunities as well as developing a more innovative plan to meet your chosen targets, in order to transcend your performance objectives. 

Moreover, we aim to only attract students of high calibre through a more customised branding approach. We plan to do so by adopting particular marketing strategies that will accentuate the distinct benefits which will be offered exclusively by your institution through our online delivery system.

We are constantly up to date with the current changing trends within the education sector, and we work on evolving our marketing strategies consistently in order to offer the best service possible to our partners. We then apply this knowledge to help deliver engaging marketing material to our global audience. Furthermore, our expert team in the business intelligence division will carry out thorough analysis to ensure guaranteed profit and continuous development in the quality of the academic product.

Marketing Communications

Our aim is to consistently review and revise our marketing enterprise in order to fit into the latest demographic trend which constantly fluctuates. By doing so, we will be able to strengthen our marketplace competitiveness, and bring you highly competent students from all walks of life on a global scale. 

Our customized branded websites, email campaigns and various social media engagement, all contribute towards accelerating the student recruitment whilst maintaining your company’s academic and intuitional credibility. Alongside that, we work to design creative remarketing campaigns which will work on magnifying your online visibility and keep potential students captivated by your unique brand.
In synthesis with all these processes we hope to allow prospective students to smoothly access all your online programmes to acquire their professional and educational goals successfully.

Demand Generation

Our committed marketing team work hard around the clock to raise awareness of your product brand to ensure maximum lead flow. This will be done using a wide range of sound methodologies such as targeted email marketing, search engine optimisation as well as making the most of our global affiliates; these proven tactics will help draw the attention of students of the highest calibre to your programmes. 
We will work on designing a distinct and comprehensive marketing plan for each online programme which will be based on our extensive data analysis. In order to expand the marketplace interest we will initially implement an integrated digital marketing strategy and continuously check its performance metrics over a set period of time. 
Our student engagement model encourages the maintenance of constant communication to create trust in order to increase student satisfaction, whilst working alongside towards your ultimate goal for the organisation. We believe that it is imperative to the organisations growing success to build a close alliance with potential students before they enrol on to any course, this personalized warm approach will undoubtedly produce high quality leads.

Student Recruitment

We are focused on providing a significant amount of input using our most successful marketing and recruitment specialists, as well as the input from various other relevant departments in order to utilize all the skills necessary to work more effectively as a team to bring about a more stable outcome. Our specialists will exhibit extensive knowledge regarding your programme design and its specifications, alongside your online learning model. 

We believe with the right kind of input, we can achieve the full outcome by drawing in the most suitable students who will be able to use your tailor made online programmes much more efficiently to their own individual satisfaction.

Initially, our student recruitment specialist administers an array of services which specialises in providing assistance through the application by addressing relevant questions and queries posed by students regarding the programme, while providing further information regarding your institution and ensuring that they meet your admissions criteria, registration and payment processes.

With ample amount of time and research into the aims and values of your organisation we will prepare a logical strategic plan to develop the ideal marketing scheme that will be used to bring in the most highly ambitious and competent students that will bring more value to your institution.


Our trademark lies in the exceptional performance of our students and their satisfaction level of our online delivery solutions. We focus on optimising our student engagement, retention and the rate of graduates through a variety of consultation and administrative services. We work on constantly meeting the educational regulatory requirements in order to ensure your online product emulates its academic credibility through continuous monitoring and screening.

Faculty Management

We ensure that our academic staff receives necessary training and knowledge regarding your institution’s educational philosophy and framework to maintain the highest level of programme delivery. We are keen to work with your existing faculty or initiate faculty management on your behalf. This would include administrative support, faculty recruitment and contract management. With our continuous development of the faculty

We can work with your existing faculty or undertake faculty management on your behalf. This includes faculty recruitment, contract management, support, and administration. Where necessary, all of InterActive’s academics receive a full induction to your institution’s educational framework and philosophy, ensuring the highest standards of programme delivery. This is complemented by continuous faculty development through ongoing training initiatives and regular peer‐reviews of instruction and assessment procedures.


Our admissions team works closely with NARIC, the UK’s designated agency for the comparison and endorsement of international qualifications and skills held by domestic and overseas students. Each step in the admission process is aimed at identifying those students whose academic and personal profile matches your educational model. We obtain detailed information from each applicant, enabling us to properly assess both their suitability and academic preparedness.

Once applications have been submitted, students are evaluated for eligibility according to a pre‐set list of entry criteria defined by the programme parameters and your institutional requirements. The admissions department then collates and processes the student‘s required documentation, after which successful applicants receive notification of the admissions team’s decision prior to their official induction to the online platform.

We recognise that individuals arrive at the decision to advance their education via a wide range of life‐pathways, therefore non‐standard applications are given due consideration where we find evidence of a genuine commitment to study.

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