Our Exclusive recruitment wing aims to provide an outstanding level of student recruitment service to all our Exclusive partner institutes. We believe in working towards understanding each institute’s educational specification of each programme they provide, and combining it with our extensive knowledge of target markets and general experience within the marketing world. This has all been the perfect ingredient to our continuous successful track record in maintaining the student retention for each institute from our 30 DG offices worldwide.

What We Do (Our Services)


1) Direct Recruitment

DG Recruitment consists of several expert recruiters who are highly trained in their field due to their exposure in consulting thousands of students, internationally. They manage all responsibilities related to recruitment for fairs and expos, whilst working on providing you with a tailor made plan which fits within your budget and requirements, they will then go and represent your course and institute at these fairs, on your behalf.

2) Your Brand

Your brand will be valued and represented with high regard, at all times. We will ensure that we take the responsibility of a marketing representative to promote your particular institute.

3) Your Leads

We leave you to decide who will follow up and nurture the necessary leads. If you wish to carry it out in-house, we will provide you with a detailed report within 24 hours or when the list of leads is accessible.

4) Your Honor Code

Our team takes great pride in representing for others professionally and promoting your institute. We believe in our unique service and its outstanding quality, and we would not have it any other way. 


1) Material Design

Our DG World marketing team are well equipped and experienced individuals who are capable to create tailor made marketing materials using your own specific brand. Having acquired a comprehensive knowledge in marketing for higher education and international education we have the perfect marketing team available for you.

2) Your Branding

We will adhere by your branding requirements- From logo and colour to design elements in general. We will use the necessary materials needed to exclusively promote your institute.

3) Content Creation

Our dedicated team of designers are capable of professionally creating unique content which will bring value in promoting your brand in an effective manner. 

4) On-Time Delivery

We value your time as well as ours, so we always aim to start early and finish early. We are committed in delivering your marketing materials on time for immediate use.

5) Marketing Communications

6) Demand Generation


1) Webinars and Skype Interviews

The DG World’s team aims to provide an active digital system where up to 100 students will be able to access our webinars simultaneously. Whilst also having the option for one to one meetings via Skype.

2) Webinars

Our focus will be to deliver these webinars tailored to each student’s demography i.e. location, language, and specific course, using a comprehensive database. And we will conduct these webinars using your brand exclusively.

3) Skype Interviews

Our individual, one to one interviews with each of the students are conducted over Skype alongside other digital platforms


1) Pathway Design and Setup

Our devoted team of Pathway experts here at DG World will help you create and setup a Pathway program, which will be cost effective for both your company as well as ours.

2) What is a Pathway?

A Pathway program is setup to help international students to progress onto higher studies abroad. At undergraduate level this program is equivalent to the first year of university. After completing a one year pathway, students have the choice to directly proceed onto year two of their chosen course, just like the general students. These Pathway students also have the advantage of being admitted onto the course with lower grades, however the exact entry requirements depends on each individual institute. 

3) Why choose a Pathway?

The advantage of doing a Pathway program is that it allows you to learn English whilst studying simultaneously, which saves a lot of time. And it opens a huge opportunity for students who have not done too well in their previous studies and wish to pursue higher education.


Our aim is to simplify the admissions process and share the load alongside your own admissions team. However we are willing to take complete responsibility including issuing the 1-20.

1) Data Collection

We ensure that all the necessary documents are complete and collected before passing it over for further review.

2) Transcript Evaluation (Optional)

We will ensure that our team evaluates all the international transcripts before we supply it to your team for further reviewing.

3) English Assessment

We aim to review all the international students’ English grades as well as doing additional one to one interview with students who have not received the required grade necessary.

4) Visa-Interview Preparation

We thoroughly prepare our students for their official visa interviews via our own comprehensive mock interview, which should enable them to pass the official interview successfully.

5) Pre-arrival Communications (Optional)

We will ensure that all your international students receive the necessary information to make their arrival at your campus as convenient as possible. We will also provide any mandatory materials that will keep them well informed each step of the way during their studies.


Our highly efficient email marketing system is customized to reach target audiences according to their course, language and location. We will use your branding in all our email campaigns before we circulate them out to all our students. 

The system that we have created, are all automated and customized for each student, and has proved to be both cost and time effective for the company.  

1) Design the Email

We will produce the relevant content for each email, which will contain the main purpose of the message before we proceed to circulate it.

2) Create the List

We will create a specific list of target audiences to ensure an effective outcome.

3) Send the Email

Our aim is to circulate the email to specific individuals as well as on social media to increase publicity.

4) Report and Assess

Our system is highly efficient and ensures all emails are circulated accurately and tracks any errors during the process. 


1) Pay-per-click advertising

We will aim to post custom made banners on various online platforms including Google, Facebook, and Linkedin which will reach a larger audience on an international scale.

2) Web Chatting

We provide live chat sessions for all our students similar to the one available for our clients on this website.

3) Lead Purchasing

Most students complete the SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT and GRE- So our aim is to help you find the right leads which will bring you students from the demography that fits your ideal student criteria.

4) Web Capture

We will produce and operate a lead-capture tool that will compile all interested leads from numerous websites as well as your platforms and our own DG platforms.


Our aim is to discover your key competitors, then identify an efficient procedure which will make your program stand out and bring to you the highest quality students internationally.
Our dedicated DG team will produce an executive report which will contain relevant information that will break down what exactly is happening in certain areas within the company in terms of its strengths and what is achievable and an action plan on how to achieve the targets.
This report will be delivered in the form of a PDF.

International landscape – What is it currently?

Key competitors – Who are they? What do they do?

SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Potential – What potential does your school have?

International markets – Which countries will it thrive in?

Action plan – What action points will help reach its full potential?