Training & Consultancy


Our services are based on our deep understanding and experience in working with not-for-profit organisations for many years. We endeavour to have a clear understanding as to why some organisations continue to be successful while others experience difficulty or even failure. Accordingly, we formulate models of key tools or drivers of organisational change and development to meet the needs of the time. 


We provide almost all levels of training and consultancy services that not-for-profits need to be successful, and we provide it with care and efficiency. Therefore, whether you are looking to develop strategies, developing a long term business planning, projects or services from scratch, or are looking to enhance and improve existing activities or people development through training, monitoring and evaluation, we can help. And of course, we offer a range of bespoke learning solutions that are keys to not-for-profit organisations’ success in a challenging time. We provide following services:


A well-developed strategy is not only essential to achieving your vision, but is also vital for transforming and revitalising your organisation in this ever-changing world. We can support you to:



We work with boards and senior management team to:


  • Review the organisational vision and mission
  • Develop appropriate strategic direction in a changed environment
  • Create fit-to-purpose strategic plans and business models
  • Prepare ambitious but realistic business and operational plans for programme delivery, fundraising, marketing, and communications.


Organisational Development

In this this constantly changing world, in order to achieve the desired goals of high performance and competitive advantage, organisations are often forced to adapt. Change is needed regardless of how strong an organisation is and how long a period of success an organisation has had. In other words, the secret of long-term success of an organisation is its ability to adapt to change. Adapting change needs a planned and systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness.


We help organisations by providing support to:


  • Develop Business Strategy and action plan
  • Organisational Re-structuring
  • Developing Risk Framework
  • Develop fit-to-purpose operational manuals
  • Change Management
  • Organisational culture Change



The not-for-profit sector is facing a very challenging time. Due to the increasing demand for services, while grants and donations are reducing, charities are feeling the squeeze now more than ever.  In these difficult times, strong governance is needed more than ever to enable charities to respond effectively and speedily to emerging risks. Effectiveness of governance is also essential in order to ensure:

  • Compliance with law and regulation
  • That an organisation is well run and efficient
  • That problems are identified early and dealt with appropriately
  • The preservation of the reputation and integrity of the sector
  • That the organisation makes a difference and the objects of the organisation are advanced 

Good governance should occur throughout a not-for-profit organisation. The trustee board is responsible for good governance. That being said,  they have to rely on many different people to be able to govern well such as staff, volunteers, advisors, and other stakeholders.

We work with Board to:

  • Provide knowledge and understanding regarding the duties of trustees
  • Provide training on how to uphold charities’ reputation
  • Provide training on risk identification and risk management
  • Provide training on trustees’ roles in fundraising and how to ensure organisational sustainability
  • Review the performance of governance
  • Clarify board and management relationships
  • Re-structure boards and committees
  • Establish systems for reviewing the effectiveness of governance.
  • Review policies and procedures

People Development

People themselves are the greatest asset for any organisation. The better qualified and capable the employees are, the greater the efficiency and productivity of the organisation. It is a well-established truth that finding and keeping the best people can be a challenge, especially when budgets are tight. Therefore, employee development programmes should be a fundamental part of organisational planning in order to help creating a better working environment. This is imperative to improve morale, build motivation, and to provide new skills.

We can support you to:

  • Review team performance
  • Coach teams and individuals to increase their effectiveness
  • Provide training on
    • Team building
    • Leadership development
    • Performance management
    • Total Quality Management
    • Donor care strategy and skills
    • Professional ethics
    • Problem solving skills
    • People management
    • Conflict resolution

Project Development and Project Management

The practice of Project Development and effective Project Management is becoming increasingly important to the success and even survival of many not-for-profit organizations (NGOs). With reduced budgets and increased demands from different stakeholders, organizations need to incorporate the tools and practices of modern project management in order to survive and succeed in the current challenging environment. We help organisations to create an appropriate framework for proper project development and project management.

We can support you to:

  • Develop effective project delivery tools
  • Develop MEAL policy and procedures
  • Develop planning, scoping, and implementation tools
  • Create the framework for risk assessment and management associated with different projects

We also provide:

  • Onsite training on project development and project delivery
  • Team workshop on project management and performance indicators
  • Project team development and
  • Onsite monitoring and evaluation services